Java Programming Language

Java Programming Language


Java programming language is most popular programming language and a platform for many year.

Java is a  High level, secure, and Object-oriented programming language perhaps  Java is not fully object-oriented programming language because it supports the Primitive Data Types like(char, int, float, etc).

Java was developed by  James Gosling in the year 1995 at Sun MicroSystems. James Gosling is also known as the father of Java.

Why Java is a Platform?

As Platform Defined “Any hardware or Software  environment in which program runs, is known as Platform.”  Java has its own Runtime environment called JRE(Java Runtime Environment) wrapped with the Java API known as Java Development Kit(JDK).

Java and it’s Uses

Java is used in creating all kind of application from Desktop to Mobile to Web Applications. Java is also used to create Embedded Applications like Micro-controller and sensors also.

Java used everywhere to create all types of applications. According to Oracle, As per on the Year 2020, 3 Billion Devices run Java. There are many platforms that currently using Java:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Application
  • Games
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Types of Java Applications

As already discussed, using Java we can create Desktop Application, Web Application, Enterprise Applications and Mobile Applications as well as Embedded Applications.

Standalone application:

Standalone Application or Desktop Applications are mostly single-purpose applications and that applications work offline. ie; does not necessarily require Internet Connection to Function.

Example: Notepad, Microsoft Office(Collection of Multiple Standalone applications) etc;

Web Applications:

Unlike Standalone Applications, Web Application runs on web servers and accessed via browsers like (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, etc.). A web application not installed in Operation Systems like Standalone applications.

Examples: Web Mail, Online Retail Store, Online Banking.

Enterprise Applications:

Enterprise Applications are Computer Software used to satisfy the need for an Organization. Enterprise Software hosted on Servers and provides Simultaneous Services to Many users at a time.

Example: Salesforce CRM, Skype for Business, Microsoft Outlook for Business

Mobile Applications:

Android is a Mobile Operation System for Android Devices. Currently Java used in to create mobile application with Android Technology.

Examples: Android Applications available on Google Play Store.

Type of Java Platforms

There are 3 Java platform available on Oracle Website that broadly used:

  1. Java Standard Edition (Known as J2SE)
  2. Java Enterprise Edition (Known as J2EE)
  3. Java Micro Edition (Known as J2ME)

Java Standard Edition (Known as J2SE):

Java Standard Edition is used to create a Desktop Application or System Application. The Concepts cover under this Java Edition are Strings, Collection, MultiThreading, Exception Handling, and OOP’s(Object Oriented Programming) concepts like Classes and Objects. This part of Java also known as Core Java because we learn basic or core concepts of Java programming language to create Desktop Applications.

Java Enterprise Edition (Known as J2EE): 

Java Enterprise Edition is used to create a Web Application. The Application created under Java Standard Edition is normally Platform Dependent because it can be only run on the same type of System or Platform(like Microsoft Office, VLC Media Player) whereas Application created under Java Enterprise Edition is Platform Independent or they can be run with the help of the Internet and used Web Browser to execute. Some of the Example of  J2EE is Google, Amazon, etc.

For more, we can learn Servlet, Java Server Pages(Known as JSP), JDBC(Java Database Connectivity), and some of the more powerful frameworks like Struts, Hibernate, Spring, etc. These Concepts also are known as Advance Java.

Java Micro Edition(Known as J2ME):

Java ME is formally known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition or J2ME. Java ME is a Computing platform for embedded and mobile devices.

Micro Controllers, Sensors,Gateways, mobile-phone drivers, printers and TV Setup Boxes are built with the Java ME.

Java Micro Edition allows programmers to use Core Java Concepts and related development tools to develop some Application that runs on Mobile Phones. Mobile Application uses Java to install on the Device.

Nowadays, Java can be broadly used with Android to Create Android Application that runs on Smartphones(Mobile Phones).

These three versions of Java are available free on the Oracle website. You can check out the links here to find a suitable version for you.

Java PlatformJava Platform UsesDownload Link
Java Standard Edition (J2SE)Desktop Applications and Standalone applicationsJava SE
Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE)Enterprise Application and Web ApplicationsJava EE
Java Micro Edition (J2ME)Embedded Devices and Mobile ApplicationJava ME
Java Platform details and Examples

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